Once great remain

How do you see yourself?
Do you see yourself
As a great person?
An average person?
Or a common person?
Surely, you want to be
A great person;
The way you see yourself
If you see yourself
As a great person,
And believe your are
A great person,
Chances are high
You are a great person;
If not, eventually you will be;
Don’t fail to recognize
Your own greatness;
As a great person,
You are challenged
To do more and be more;
To be an example
For others to follow;
Many shall long to follow
Your footsteps;
Continue to do what will make them admire you;
Make them continue to hold you in high esteem;
And strive to be like you;
Continue to be a role-model;
Once great,
You have to remaim great.


3 thoughts on “Once great remain

  1. Hi, SIW. Happy Saturday. What is greatness? Greatness is a matter of perception whether it be of oneself or by others. The important issue is whether one is happy with oneself. It is a question of an individuals desire to seek or not to seek adulation – which is fleeting; or, be a bridge for others to attempt such a goal. Many things to ponder. Have a great weekend. Goff

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