Don’t follow a wrong plan (Be inspired today 385 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Don’t pursue a wrong plan
For your life.
That is a wrong thing
For you to do;
It is a waste of time
And energy as well;
No wise person
Can afford to do that;
Pursue the authentic plan
For your life;
Know this authentic plan,
And devote all your time
And energy to it.
But how do you know
The authentic plan
For your life?
By asking the one
Who made it;
The authentic plan
For your life
Is not your plan,
It’s God’s plan for you.
Hence, He alone knows it;
He alone can tell you.
Go to him;
And he will tell you
His beautiful plan
For your life.
And when you know it,
Pursue it;
And don’t stop until you
Realize it.

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