Human dignity

Some people know nothing about treating human beings with dignity;
What about you?
Do you know?
Some people behave as if
They had a licence
To treat others as pigs:
What about you?
Do you do same?
Some peopke treat others
So shabbily
As if they owned the world
And her people;
They behave like cocks
That want to crow alone;
Or eagles
That prey on others;
That is behaving so much
As if they owned the world;
Does anybody own
The world?
Does anybody own the people
Of the world?
To the best of my knowledge,
Nobody does;
God is the sole proprietor
Of the world;
King of the universe;
The only one with powers
To do and undo.
You have no right
To treat a fellow human being
Worse than an animal.
Every single person,
Deserves to be treated
With dignity and respect.
Can we go out now
And do that?

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