Cold and Heat.. God’s plans

Cold and heat are both in the plan of God !!

We need to Accept this and treat both as valuable.

hot cold tenor.gif

Trials and tribulations are effective instruments in God’s toolbox to purify you.

In fact, Mother Kunti prayed to Krishna, “Give us always grief, so that we may never forget Thee.”

Suffering and pain are the dietary restrictions that doctor prescribes to supplement the drug of remembrance of God (namasmarana).

Thorny plants and thornless plants are both present in nature; the wise individual knows the value of both. He plants the thornless sapling and surrounds it with thorny bushes, so that what he fosters is left unharmed.

Activity can save, as well as kill; it’s like the cat that bites; it bites the kitten to carry it in its mouth to a place of safety but it bites the rat in order to kill and eat. Become the kitten, and work will rescue you like a loving Mother. Become a rat, and you’ll be lost!


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