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Are you familiar with the Pater Noster prayer? In a Christian denomination other than Catholic, you could be as it’s better known as The Lord’s Prayer. Jesus ascribed the 1,968-year-old words to His disciples when they asked Him how to pray on a hillside overlooking the Sea of Galilee. The original prayer, dated 80 AD, is found in Luke 11:2-4 and the completion of it, in 85 AD, is in Matthew 6:9-13. Matthew’s version is the most popular in churches today.

Though translated from many different languages, this manual of Christian instruction remains the foundation of the Christian church and is most sacred to believers. The Apostle Paul taught this prayer to the Gentiles as a guideline to their faith in God.

Prayer makes our relationship with the Lord stronger. The history of the eight steps in the Lord’s Prayer is truly all we need in life to follow the resurrection of Christ. Jesus nailed it on the head in its description below:


Jesus told us to direct this prayer to God, the Father only – not the Holy Spirit, angels, or dead saints. Since we are God’s children, as is Jesus, we are to start the prayer with Our Father.

It clearly sets the rules God is in heaven and man on earth, and each has their own role in creation.


The word hallowed describes God’s nature. It means “holy”, “whole”, “wholesome”, and “heal”. We recite this word because He is altogether good; therefore, He cannot send sickness, trouble, accidents, or death.


The kingdom referred to in step three is God’s kingdom in heaven. Jesus is referring to the End Times; a constant and powerful reminder every person will eventually kneel before the Lord. These words are great to remember when we face adversity in life.


It is God’s promise He will return to earth to eradicate evil, sin, and Satan. Therefore, surrender your life to Him by following His commandments and upholding His control of your life. The great Lord is the only person we are to follow in our journey on earth and in heaven. Our submissive duty is to help establish the Kingdom of God on earth. Try to discover the thing God intends you to do and do it… you will find that all doors will open to you.


God is our Great Provider, not only spiritually but with the physical supplies, we need to accomplish His Will in this world. This includes money, food, shelter, and people who support His higher purpose. However, God cannot magically offer food so we can and should help one another in overcoming specific difficulties.


What a powerful reminder we must always forgive others if we want God to forgive our sins! Sin, the major fall of man, separates us from God and is rooted in selfishness as we try to live without Him. This passage also includes forgiving ourselves to alleviate guilt and experience the ultimate joy of life. Set yourself free!


Because man is born into sin and can make bad choices in life, wickedness resides amongst us on earth. Spiritual warfare is very real, and it’s as viral as a plague. God will deliver us in times of distress if we pray for His help to deliver us from the evil.


The word Yours is referring to Jesus’ Father in heaven. Another revelation, it expresses we are not to be disturbed or overwhelmed by the nations and governments which rule this world. Jesus will defeat all evil tyranny on earth, so stay focused on what is coming! His powerful Kingdom will reign forever.

There aren’t mightier words than the Lord’s Prayer. I look about as corruption and hatred exist at every intersection of life. It is just as Jesus described it would be in the End Times. Devout Christians are the chosen recipients to follow Jesus’ footsteps. Evangelization can help correct the world’s wrong, so let’s start by teaching someone Our Father Prayer.

Lord, I pray, we will not be lead into temptation for the world is full of Satan’s sins. The Bible is clear… in the end days, we will fight for our own preservation. There will be no million-dollar churches or smooth-talking ministers to save us; only the words of Jesus. The Lord’s Prayer will sustain a whole lifetime of prayer.


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