Shall we? ((New Love poem 23 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

My dear friend,
I am at a loss about
What is happening
To our relationship;
Has our love hit a hard rock?
I ask because it seems
To have shattered;
Or what do you think?
We don’t communicate
As warmly as we used to do;
It used to be a pleasure
To chat with you all day;
It no longer is;
Instead, we have stress;
And you don’t say more than
a few words when we chat;
Where did our pet names go?
Did they travel?
When are they coming back?
I so much long to have fun
With you as we did before;
But you don’t seem in it;
You are driving me mad;
Our relationship is going through a desert;
Which I find hard to accept.
Please, let us get back
To our old ways;
Shall we?
We don’t toy with love;
It’s a matter of emotions.


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