Let’s build an excellent world

We can remake the world;
We can transform the world
Into an excellent place
For all to enjoy;
Yes, we can,
If we give priority
To kindness;
There’s something amazing
About kindness;
People with kind hearts
Are the ones the world needs;
They are the ones
Making the world
What God conceived it to be;
God conceived the world to be
An excellent place
For all to enjoy;
We are the ones who allowed vaulting ambition,
Greed and pride
To destroy it;
Can we stop destroying
Our own world?
Can we stop hurting one another?
Can we stop destroying
One another?
And make this world
What God conceived it to be?
Yes, we can;
And that is what we should do.


One thought on “Let’s build an excellent world

  1. Someone just needs to break the piñata upstairs and it can all happen easily.

    Place global debt as profit inside a person’s name.

    That person funds all these wonderful projects and we form a circle of infinite funding.

    The circle of life through “amen”.

    I should say someone else since the vault requires two keys to open, one I have and the other is missing.

    One is found below and the other above. ⁂

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