Overthinking is the worst thing..?

Overthinking is the worst thing..?

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

So since I can remember I have always been a worrier. I have always worried about the slightest thing and that also means worrying what people think of me. I always worry whether people like me? Have I done something wrong? Have I offended that person? 

What I am getting at is WE can all think those words and questions in our heads but it doesn’t get us anywhere. BECAUSE why we should worry about what other people think? WE should live our own lives and be appreciative for things that we have and not the things we don’t. If WE all overthink everything in our lives we would never move on and think positive. For instance sometimes I can overthink something so much that I am up most of the night worrying and crying about something that I either cannot control or is something that it may not even be.

What I would say is to think about the here and now and live for today not tomorrow. BECAUSE no one knows what tomorrow is going to bring. 



Lauren Rogers


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