Life is about hope

If you want to make it
In life,
Be not faint of heart;
Don’t believe in defeat;
The good things of life
Do not go to those
Who believe in defeat;
But those who know
They are here to win;
Life is not about refusal
Of reality because
It is hard;
Life is about acceptance
Of whatever forces unknown
To us toss to us;
While we fight to get
What we want, we accept the reality at hand;
Life is not about despair;
Life is about hope;
For while all may seem hopeless,
There is always a glimmer
Of hope;
Call it a little spark
Of promise,
That can grow into
A wildfire of good.
Life is not about giving up; Only cowards give up;
Life is about persisting;
Holding fast, When all seems lost;
And the boat is sinking;
Still you struggle to sail
to safe shore before it does;
Hoping all along the rescue team will arrive in time,
To save you.
Yes, life is not about fear,
worry, doubt, anxiety;
Life is not about criticizing,
Complaining and tearing down;
Life is about building,
Appreciating and lifting others.
That is what life truly is.


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