I am 19 it is my birthday today!

I am 19 it is my birthday today!

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

So it was my birthday on the 5th September, and I would like to share with you what I got for my birthday, so.

I got a canvas with bee drawing/painting and also got bee bedding and duvet and also a bee pillow which I love so much. I am getting my bedroom redone ‘bee themed’ which I can’t wait. I also got £20 from my grandad, £10 from my friend Maria, and WKD two bottles from my friend Amy she also brought me some coconut hand lotion and also some body spray which smells lovely and also loads of chocolate and a some flowers from people from work. Which was very thoughtful. Thank you!

AND then on Friday 6th September I met up with my friends MARIA AND AMY and we went to whether-spoons and I had a burger with two burgers and I also had two puddings (I was very full after that lol)


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    • Thank you, it is much appreciated, I have just have had a glimpse at yout newest post about having purpose, this is really food for thought, I would appreciate if you could share one of my blogs? also what do you honestly think of my content? How to I improve? I am just being me and writing what I want to and what comes to mind and inspires me, it is my way of documenting my life ❤🥰 xx

      • If you want my input your blog is great. The post are short, sweet, and to the point. It’s written in a journal format, yet I feel as though Your a friend having a conversation with me!😁 The only tips I have is to perhaps add on an extra pictures to your post. Readers love visuals. But this is optional, your blog is great! Also, Don’t forget to socialize with other bloggers, this is how you can find great friends and more readers!😁 unfortunately, I don’t share blogs right now. Perhaps in the future.🤷🏾 Sorry😥. But Best wishes and blessings to you! 💕

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