Lost without you

Lost without you

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

So I am a very overthinking person. I have always been.. But this blog is about loosing someone whether it maybe through relationship or from a passing.. Either way loosing someone that you dearly loved is very heartbreaking and is very painful and you will never really get over it. It will just get easier with time. The thing I would love to know is whether is why do people deal with this different and why some people are stronger than others? I guess it is the way they are? but it has been four years since my grandma passed away from cancer and I miss her terribly and I would give anything to see her again. But the thing that I find so comforting in all this is that happiness can come out of heartbreak and sadness because you can make that into something inspiring and memorable. For example my grandma got the chance to plan her funeral and she chose to donate all proceeds from what people would give to the hospital that was in. BECAUSE SHE LOVED ME. I feel emotional just writing this. Because I was very close to her. 


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  1. Life is seriously that moment in time… all Go to us how we make it… and when we don’t have our most loved people with us we feel lost.. I also do.. and no one can replace them..

    But thinking about the happy moments spent keep me going.. I am sure it’s same for u as well and all others..

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