Mind what you do!

In this world, do not live
A life of laziness;
A life of recklessness;
A life of no self control;
A life of indiscipline,
A life of no prayer;
A life of negativity.
Instead live
A hardworking life;
A disciplined life;
A prayerful life;
This is what will bring
you the good things
You desire.
For it is what you do,
Much more than
What you think, or sa
That determines what
You become
Or what happens to you.

2 thoughts on “Mind what you do!

  1. Amen. I do believe that part of the disciplined life can include exploring, not martyrdom, that negative stuff that we all carry due often to our childhoods. Explore it, get help for it and move on with a positive and healthy way of dealing with triggers. Then possibly try at least to help others. It is a good piece full of wisdom for an everyday healthier life. Thank you. Love ❤️ Joni

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