Declare your love

Love is not a joke;
Love is not an emotional
toy game;
You don’t jest around
With it
And want to slip out
Scotch free;
It will bite you;
If it doesn’t,
It will burn you;
Or harder still, roast you alive;
When you go for love,
Go for love;
And be super prudent;
And mean business;
Don’t be in and out;
One step in,
Another step out;
That would be
Playing games;
A hide and seek;
On the fence;
Call it indecision,
Or dangling forward
And backward;
Building a tower on a sandy
And shaky foundation;
Infidelity is a death blow
To love;
That will most likely
Hit on the head;
When you build love on sand,
You will reap the fruits
Of disaster.


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