Know it and do it

Can you tap water
From basalt?
I have never heard?
How can you?
So why would anyone
Want to reap crops
From an infertile piece
Of land?
Unless you fertilize
The land;
If you are not ready
To learn
What you must do
To succeed,
And do it,
Do not expect to succeed.
That would be hoping against hope;
That is simple and clear;
Hoping to succeed without knowing the right thing
To do,
And doing it,
Is like wanting
To tap water from basalt.
You will never do it.
You have never heard
That a snake gave birth
To a lion;
Or a hen produced a goat;
If you want to produce results,
Do what you must do;
Which means, first,
You must know it,
Second, you must do it;
To sum it:
Know it and do it.


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