Poor men!

I say poor you men!
I feel for you;
You’re not poor
Because you lack money;
You are not poor
Because you lack
Earthly property,
You are not poor
Because you lack wisdom,
Knowledge or understanding;
Because in great abundance
You possess each one of them;
You are poor
Because you suffer
More than you can say;
So much you sacrifice
For others;
Kids, spouse and others;
You do all you can
To see them grow;
To see them succeed;
But once they’re fine,
They forget and even deny
You ever did a thing;
And sadly about you,
Nobody cares
Your time is over;
You’re a nuisance;
A liability no longer an asset;
If you aren’t careful,
You become lonely;
And end miserable.
That is the fate of men.
Yes, poor men.
You suffer even in
The hands of other men;
And closest ones to you.


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