Tell me your story

Tell me your story;
That I may make it
A case study;
In it to find
The road signs
That will regulate
My driving;
From it, I will draw
Wisdom and imbibe
The hows you turned
Your stumbling-blocks
Into stepping stones
Of success;
To climb
To the ivory tower
You today, occupy
When just yesterday
You sat on mud
With no hope;
And despsir your bed fellow;
I want your story
To be my blue print;
Like a spring serves
As a source
From which to draw
fresh water to quench
one’s thirst,
Your story will be that knowledge spring,
That will keep me afloat
To successfully sail
Through the stormy sea
Of life
That lies so vast
Before my very eyes
To safe shores.
Yes, I want to hear
That narrative of yours;
How from rags you amassed
Riches that turned
A beggarly life
Into a kingly one;
To tell me your story
Is to gift me;
To show me how to fish
Rather give me a basin
Of fish to eat.
Therefore friend,
If you love me,
To do me good,
Tell me your story
And how you did it.


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