Weather in emotions

Weather in emotions

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world…

This blog is about emotions and feelings, but to do with the weather, you may be thinking it is a weird concept to put emotions and feelings with the weather. But it isn’t really?? Reason being when you look outside your window in the morning I bet you are hoping that it is going to be bright sunshine and blue skies and when it isn’t your emotion and feelings do sink and you feel down or a bit low. I seem to think about this all of the time. Because the weather does bring so many memories bad and good. For instance I can remember last year in the UK we had snow for about a month.. It was beautiful but depressing .

When the sun is out you tend to meet up with friends and family and make beautiful memories and when the rain is falling from the heavens you are sitting inside watching a film or reading book, making memories in a different way! It is very weird to think that when the weather is blue skies you do feel better about yourself as a person. It puts a spring in your step! The weather does bring happiness and joy you feel like you can do anything and everything when the weather is beautiful.


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