That’s all I need

You don’t know
What I need;
What I need is superior
To what you think;
And I know what you think;
You think
I don’t know
What is going on;
You think
I don’t know
What some people are doing
To me;
Behind my back;
You think
I don’t see anything
Wrong anywhere;
You think
I am as blind as a bat;
You think
I am a fool,
That I am a donkey;
Is that not what you think?
Let me tell you;
I am not blind;
And I am not a fool;
I see every thing;
I know
What is going on;
I know all that
People are doing;
Though I make as if
I don’t know;
I even make as if
I don’t see;
I make as if
I were such a fool;
I have just opted
To give a blind eye;
Don’t you see
I am wise?
What did Joseph do?
That just man
Behaved like a fool
But he was a just man;
A man of honor;
Look at the trouble
He saved;
Imagine the damage
He would have caused
If he had done otherwise!
If what I see and know,
For sure pains;
If what I know and see
Because it’s evil,
I should not make others suffer
Because I suffer;
Let me suffer;
But others must be happy;
Let me be blind;
Let me be a fool
For this higher good;
Let men laugh at me;
Make a mockery of me,
Because in God I trust;
But that God believes in me,
Makes me feel great;
That is all I need.


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