Blogging ideas

Blogging ideas

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

I would like to know how you all are? I hope you are all great. So this blog is about wanting content ideas that will help you all and inspire you all. Things that you want me to talk about. I am that person that can voice your worries if you don’t want to. I want to enjoy helping you all, but at the same time making something for myself and to have a platform with thousands of readers even millions of people to express my worries and my life but also supporting yours. I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment on some or even all of them. So I can have a chat with you all and to show that their is a real person behing the writing and the screen. And I want to make friends with you all, as you are my readers but also my supporters and friends!

The reason why I really would appreciate if you could comment, like share etc. Is because when I watch a you-tuber they always say to ‘leave a comment’ asking for what you would like to watch next’ and people do respond, to them more often than not they do know what their content their viewers want which then increases their exposure and audience. For that reason, I would love for you all to follow my social media’s (about me info) so I can do Instagram polls and have chats on Twitter so I can know what you want to read!


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