Turning darkness into light

His stumbling-block
He turned into
A stepping-stone;
Putting a broad smile
On so many faces;
Starting, of course, as charity would dictate,
At home;
This is a blessing
That is no common commodity;
It’s the preserve of a few
Who possess the transformative know-how
To get to the bright side
of darkness;
Turning darkness into light;
Resultantly, they look like
A rare specie;
If you can boast of this ability, call it skill,
Count yourself lucky;
Stumbling blocks
Are a daily reality,
Galore in everyone’s life;
Their ugly faces always
Show up in annoying doses,
Without prior warning;
Justifying the raison d’être
Of the management skills
To turn them into
Stepping stones
To facilitate instead of impede progress
To your destination.


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