Youthful appearance

Youthful appearance

Hi everyone I hope you are well wherever you are in the world..

So, have you ever wondered if people are staring at you, laughing or just being unkind? If so, that is how I have felt.. But as I have grown with confidence I just let it get over my head. Because that is the thing that you should do. The reason why I have called this blog ‘Youthful appearance’ is because it is about how many teenagers are so over obsessed with how they look and what people think they should look like. I think the media and social media has made teenagers feel that way. It is so sad that people have to be unhappy for someone else’s pleasure. 

This blog ‘Youthful appearance’ has been inspired by watching the documentary by Jesy Nelson, from the girl group ‘Little Mix’ ‘Odd one out’ I watched it the other day and I found it so overwhelming because it was about her struggles with winning the X factor and becoming famous and people having a strong opinion on her with what she wears and what she looks like. Including her weight so many people called her such shameful and unkind words that caused her to nearly end her life through trolling. It just shows you that words can hurt someone as a physical gesture can.

More should be done for bullying and internet safety



Lauren Rogers

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  1. I believe that the pain we feel is self – inflicted, if you’re comfortable in your skin and know that you are enough the negative comments on what you look like shouldn’t affect you. Its all in our head, however social media does play a huge role – body shaming has become a norm and being a certain body type is becoming a trend.

    • This is very true. So much hate and anxiety has come from the use of the internet and social media. It needs to be stopped. Thank you for commenting and liking this post. ❤🤗

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