Precious gift of time

Time goes on and on;
Full circle it daily runs,
Thus, reminding us:
Time waits not,
Time keeps the forward march;
It never rests;
And never gets tired;
It ticks;
And speeds on,
Minding its business;
Nothing more,
And nothing less;
What a great lesson, indeed,
We are taught!
If you wait for time,
Time leaves you behind;
As it keeps moving;
Never waiting for anyone;
And anything.
So precious is time;
You go for it;
It won’t come to you;
Do your best every time;
Every minute counts so dear;
Every second you have;
Is a gift so precious;
If you use it well,
You will abundantly
Reap the fruits.
That is the way;
Precious gift of time.


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