I have lost some friends

I have lost some friends;
Friends who were precious
To me;
Friends I did not like to lose;
And for ridiculous reasons;
Religion is one of them;
Some friends have left me
Because they have discovered
We belong to different religions;
They don’t like my religion;
I told them religion should not separate us;
They will not hear;
They were adamant;
They are not making friends
With people who belong
To other religions;
What can I do?
Condemned to accept it
As it is;
But still I am not satisfied;
I don’t believe in discrimination
On religious lines;
I don’t believe in discrimination at all,
Be it geographical, linguistic,
political, cultural
Or religious.
A human being is first
A human being,
Belonging to a country,
a culture
A religion;
Or a language.
I think we should love everybody;
And treat everybody the same;
That means fairly;
Irrespective of their religion.

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