Content is not enough

If you have a blog,
If you are a blogger,
I am confident to tell you
That content is not enough;
That content is important,
No one can deny,
Or argue against;
But that is not all;
If you have the best content,
But do nothing else,
I am afraid,
That will not take you far;
You have to know
How to give value
To your content;
How to market your content;
So that it sells,
And sells well.
If you think that
Because you have great content,
You will make it big
Without doing anything else,
You are in for a big shock;
There are many other skills
That you need
To make your great content;
And deliver for you;
Like getting it to the potential consumers;
Wooing and encouraging them,
And rewarding them
When they see it
And consume it. It is important here to note that
Content is not enough;
Content is not all and all.

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