Why worry so much

God says dont worry;
The word of God is clear
On that;
Read your bible;
Do you have a reason
To worry?
Why worry?
What do you worry about?
And what use to worry?
I don’t think you have
A reason or excuse to worry;
If you worry
Then you lack faith
In God;
But you have no excuse
To lack faith in God;
God is your creator;
You did not make yourself;
Your parents did not make you;
They were only channels
Through which you passed
To be here,
Your creator is God;
Whom you don’t see,
But who exists;
Like the air we don’t see,
But which is real;
And we cannot survive
If we are deprived of it.
In the same way,
We are dead
If we do not have God
In our life.
It is absolutely imperative
That you know God,
And have him in your life.


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