Does every problem have a solution?

Does every problem have a solution?
This is a question
I have often asked myself.
And I would say “Yes!”;
Every problem has a solution;
But the solution
May not be what you want;
And so you may consider it
Not to be a solution;
But know that a solution may either be
Positive or negative;
Do not think
You can always get
A positive solution to your problem;
Far from it;
At times a negative solution
is better than
A positive one;
At times no is better
Than yes;
At times yes is better
Than no;
We live in a complex world;
Some people go east
To find their treasure;
Some go West to find same;
Some go North to find
Their golden crown;
Some go South to find same.
Not findung what you want
Is a solution
To your problem;
Though a negative solution,
A solution all the same.


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