6 mistakes you should not make

There are some mistakes you should not make if you want to succeed. They are:

  1. Being lazy. Lazy people have very slim chances of succeeding.
  2. Being extravagant. People who are extravagant find it hard to save and hence hardly carry out important personal projects.
  3. Living an aimless life. This means living without knowing what you are living for; having no goals in life.
  4. Taking things for granted. If you are blessed. It is God’s doing. Be grateful to him. If you have supportive friends, thank God for them and value them. If God blesses you with another day, value it and put it to good use.
  5. Neglecting your prayers. Prayer is the master key. If you neglect prayer, you neglect your greatest source of power to live a meaningful life.
  6. Living an unclean life. If your life is unclean, which means you do things like cheating, stealing, deceiving people, ruining others to find your way, unclean results will follow you.

What are some mistakes you think we should not make which are not mentioned here?

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