The pains of suffering

Suffering is not just painful as we commonly see it to be.

Suffering, for sure, is painful.

But beyond the pain, is often buried enormous good.

Think of the excruciating pain Jesus Christ went through on his way to Calvary.

Who does not know what that gave birth to?

He suffered and died on the Cross,

That saved the entire world.

Think of a woman’s labour pains.

The reward of those pains, the new baby who comes into the world.

If you don’t suffer, hardly can you gain.

All enduring success is born of pain.

The world knows pain; and will continue to do so.

If you are experiencing the pain of failure,

Know it is a pregnant woman waiting

To give birth to success.


2 thoughts on “The pains of suffering

  1. Pain can sustain us from the time we are born until we die. Physical pain can strengthen our will and give us perseverance. Mental pain or anguish can destroy us if we allow it to rule. We must turn our anguish and torment over to the Lord. He will carry our burdens.

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