A critical look at infidelity

What do you think about infidelity?
The world condemns infidelity,
And frowns at anyone guilty of infidelity;
Infidelity has caused much havoc to many,
Heart break to couples,
Divorce, broken homes,
And all types of sorrows;
Many people have lost their lives because of infidelity.
What many opponents of infidelity may not know is they may be products of infidelity;
Without infidelity, they would not be in this world;
Many are living today;
Because their father,
Or mother was unfaithful.
Many have a son or daughter
Because they were unfaithful.
The man or woman
You are dying for
Might be there for you
Thanks to infidelity;
Many of the world’s greatest men and women
Came into the world through the door of infidelity;
So why would you want
To kill someone for infidelity
When you are a product of infidelity?
And have a sweetheart
Thanks to infidelity?
Be careful what you condemn.
Infidelity causes trouble;
Infidelity causes pain,
But it also causes joy.
You may be condemning
The very thing that enabled you,
or someone dear to you,
To be part of this world.

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