Great childhood dreams

When I was a little kid so many years ago, I was eaten up wholly from inside by ambition. Great were my dreams. They could only be likened to the size of an elephant.

I yearned to become outstanding; the pride of my country; and why not the world?

In high esteem, I have always held anyone who distinguishes himself or herself in life in any way.

I wanted also to distinguish myself.

Right in those very early years, I never saw why I should not become what I wanted to be. I saw the way widely open for me. I could visualize greatness coming. I felt set apart.

Yet, I did not fold my arms and wait. I knew that good things would not happen on their own. Hence, I worked very hard.

I believed in hard work. I have always believed in hard work. I believed hard work was the key that would unlock the door of greatness for me.

Since then, I have never stopped working hard.

Yet, today, so many years in old age, I am kilometers away from the finishing line of those youthful aspirationss. The challenges have been enormous. Many great opportunities have slipped through my fingers to someone else. I have had a galore of moments of discouragement. I have failed many times, but I have never let my resolve drop from its height.

Many times when I take up my head, I see the ceiling of my dreams so far off. To many, my summit is unattainable. Yet, I have not given up. The temptation to give up is underperforming.

I am resolute. I will stay on course. I will continue to climb one step after another. My eyes will remain focused on where I want to go: my destination is the same, clear and precise; the mountaintop.

I will do all I can do. I will put in my best. But for the outcome of my efforts, I allow it to God to decide. I am fully aware that no matter how hard and how brilliantly I may work, victory will only come from God.

Though I speak so firmly, I must be honest to admit I sometimes get really worried; and doubt and fear, far from sparing me, are quick to grip me.

This explains why I always appreciate when doses of encouragement are dropped into my cup; and they fly in both from people I know and people I don’t know. If you have such words for me, the joy will be mine.

Accept my heartfelt thanks for reading as I wait with saliva in my mouth to hear from you.

The sky is my springboard; the universe, my limit.

If you like to know, these dreams are not for me alone. They are also my dreams for you. And I am convinced unless you give up,they will come true for you.

I have no doubt you may doubt, thinking them farfetched; but let me assure you, they are attainable. They are possible.

In life, many things which seem impossible are possible; and it is hard to know what you can do until you try.

Try! Go for your loftiest dreams. Keep their candle alight and you won’t believe what will happen. You will achieve lofty dreams.

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