Who is this man?

Who is this man?
Wonderful man,
Whose name
Is pronounced
Loud and clear,
Billions of times daily,
In all continents
Of the world.

Who is this man?
Wonderful man,
Born in a little city,
Whose birth day
Is remembered
Months ahead,
And after intensive preparations,
Is celebrated by all
The world.

Who is this man?
Amazing man;
Whose name alone
Puts money into
Billions of pockets;
Who enriches
Those who love him
And those who hate him.

Who is this man
A man among men;
Source of energy,
And happiness
For many.

Who is this man?
So simple and great;
Who loves friends
And foes alike;
Feeds friends and foes
Welcomes all,
Friends and foes,
Without discrimination.

Who is this amazing man?
Who stands for Justice?
Who is an example?
Who is so simple?
Who experienced untold
Yet, never complained?
And offered himself as sacrifice
For the world.

Do you know this Jesus?
Do you know this Christmas?
Do you know this son of Mary?
What do you know about him?
Is he your friend?
Does he put food on your table?
Doesn’t he put money
Into your pocket?
Isn’t life better for you
Because of him?


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