Taking care

Taking care of others,
Is a good thing
To do;
The Lord wants it so;
It’s a corporal work
Of mercy;
That draws a smile
From heaven for you;
So you do it;
And do it well;
But, while you do that;
Don’t fail
To take care of yourself;
That is a duty
Bound on you by heaven;
You will pay dearly
If you fail
To accomplish it;
Take care of others;
But first thing,
Take care of yourself.

One thought on “Taking care

  1. Good afternoon dear,

    I am thankful to you for publishing such a wonderful message, it really encouraging me, to do something different in life, these words made my day. At time when one is confuse and down mentally , these words means a lot for them.

    Best regards,
    Ms SK

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