Fortunately unfortunate

How fortunate!
That this, unfortunately,
Has happened to you!
You shiver
When you think of it;
But take a closer look,
It has offered you
The opportunity of your life;
One you would pay anything
To acquire.
It has taught you
Many precious lessons;
Unforgettable lessons;
Invaluable lessons;
Transformative lessons.
Far from being negative,
The experience is positive;
It is so fortunate
That you had this misfortune.
Fortune delayed
Is not fortune denied;
Your best thing
Is your misfortune.
Your greatest blessing
You should thank God for
Is the disaster
That befell you;
That is what is taking you
to the top.
You are so fortunate
That this unfortunate thing
Happened to you.
Thank God you had such
A great misfortune.


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