We shall be free

The d-day is coming;
When the birds in the sky
And the fish in the sea
And the animals on land,
Shall with one voice,
Like one man,
Shout for joy,
Saying, at long last,
The Lord has done it
For us;
At long last, we are free;
What we have dreamed of,
At last has entered our hands;
What we have fought for;
And many have died for,
Has come and met us at home;
And we are alive;
At last, we are free;
To live in peace,
Like humans, not animals;
Yes, we shall be free,
Like birds in the sky,
To fly from end to end.
Indeed, we shall be free.
We shall not be in chains again;
We shall no longer be slaves
To anyone mighty or rich.
We shall simply be free.

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