Today’s Morning prayer (1)

Our Lord and our God,
I thank you from my heart
For another day;
This day is a gift
Not everybody has received;
It is a precious gift;
So O Lord,
I say “Thank you!”.
And pray you
To take control of the ship;
Be the captain;
And steer it safely to shore;
The sea will not always be calm;
It may even be rough;
I have no fear;
No worry,
Since I am not alone.
I know you are my companion
On this journey;
Please, father,
I pray not for myself alone;
I pray also for my family,
Namely my wife,
My children
And grandchildren;
My neighbours;
And my friends;
Mighty God, I commit them
To you;
Take full control;
Grant us the grace tl
To do your will,
Make our work pleasing
To you,
This is our prayer
Through your son, our Lord. Amen!

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