Women Empowerment

A Whole Generation lived to empower women but forgot to teach men how to live with empowered women !!


A woman is just a human with no gender, no religion and no nationality.

Girls do not need reservation. They are smart and independent. Girls and boys both have the power and strength to compete and achieve their dreams. The problem is that society does not encourage girls to take up some fields and boys other fields. The society fixes some particular roles for both boys and girls and many young people fail to see this cage built around them because people bind their wings since a really small age.

3 thoughts on “Women Empowerment

  1. So true! We celebrated the anniversary of women’s suffrage recently and it boggles my mind that women – who can read and deliberate and comprehend just as well as men – were not allowed to have a voice for so long. I love the thought though that we need to help men to live with empowered women… I have 5 boys and I wonder sometimes what I have taught them about living with women as equals. I guess time will tell – their choice of a woman will speak to what they believe.

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