The master key

Who has the master key?
God has the master key?
Who created the master key?
God created the master key;
Who knows how to use the master key?
God alone knows
How to use
The master key;
So what do we do?
Go to him
To open the door for you
With the master key;
He created it,
And he alone
Knows how to use it.
He alone can open the door
For you with the master key.

2 thoughts on “The master key

  1. is a magical journey of syncrinicity it’s about a schizophrenics quest and attainment of enlightenment like I said is a magical journey with astounding art and currently a double album you see I wanted to become a master since I was 12 and now I’m 34 and a true master

    That book is 125 thousand words long and took over 3 quarters of a year to complete. It started from nothing and ended flawlessly.

    My new blog will be my blog for the rest of my life

    My name is jerome Allen Hickman aka jah aka jerome the janitor aka local rapper Jerry

    I am a legendary manifestation of power aka. Master of the universe lol

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