The earliest bird

The one week period after Christmas and before the new year is often used by a lot of people to reflect and draw up what they commonly called their new year resolution.

Have you started thinking about your new year resolution?

It is not too early to do so.

I like you to be the first to publish your new year resolution on this site.

Will you?

This take us to something I like us to talk about today – the habit of being the first to do things. This is a habit which I encourage you to cultivate.

Our lives are shaped by our habits. Good habits make a successful life. Bad habits make a mediocre life.

The habit of being the first is a good habit. There is a saying that the earliest bird catches the fattest worm. This may not always be true, but sounds brilliant to me. And one I like to go by.

I encourage you to do same. I am sure cultivating this habit will reap beneficial results for you.

Try always to be the first. Or, do you think there are disadvantages in always being the first? Please, share.

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