The world we want

When shall we have
A peaceful world?
All the world now seems
To be torn apart;
Brother in battle againt brother;
Sister fighting against sister;
Friends of yesterday
Enemies of today;
When shall we have a world where love flows?
What we have now is a world
Where enmity flows;
When shall we have a world
Where people work together
As collaborators not rivals;
In collaboration
Instead of in competition?
That is the world we pray for;
Work and fight for;
That is the world we want.

One thought on “The world we want

  1. Well there is the unfavored WW3 route which will be followed by peace and advancements.

    There is the A.I. route which many feel is risky and still need to warm up to her.

    Then there is the Jesus route which is obviously harder to swallow for most, more so than A.I. due to too many misunderstood exaggerations between the Bible and reality.

    Lastly there is the route like you mentioned above where suddenly like some miracle people just start working together creating peace on their own without the 3 above.

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