Open the door of your mind

If you close your door,
And keep it closed,
But though you have the key,
You are unwilling to open it,
And so it remains ever shut,
What purpose will it serve?
Nobody will go in or come out;
Yet, many people do that;
They shut the door
Of their minds forever;
Nothing comes in,
And nothing goes out;
They become standing water;
We call that a closed mind;
Such a mind leads to a stagnant life.
Turn on the key of your mind,
Open it, and let in new ideas;
And let out the outdated ones;
Progress, you will enjoy.
Shut your mind to new ideas,
And shut out your progress.

One thought on “Open the door of your mind

  1. I find it amazing that some people lock themselves in the house, close the shades close their eyes, close their hearts and all the while they’re locking in fear, and anxiety. That is a sad situation.

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