Prepare your child for a great future

Can you prepare your child for a great future? Is there anything you can do so that your child becomes a great person in life?

The answer is yes.

I just saw a video of a kid of about five years imitating the cerebration of Mass as a Catholic priest does in the Catholic Church.

It was amazing because he was perfect. The Christians of his community were there and played the part of the congregation as in a real Catholic Mass.

I felt so impressed by the seriousness of all the actors. It reminded me of the first Archbishop of my Archdiocese. As the story goes, when he was a kid, he used to gather his school mates and celebrate Mass just like the kid in the video.

He grew up not only to be a priest but a great priest; in fact an Archbishop.

In educational psychology we learned that the child is the father of the man. This means what we learn as kids determines the type of adults we become.

Wise parents take time to nurture their children and prepare them for success. Many of the delinquent acts we experience in our society are the result of the inability of many parents to nurture their progeny as they should.

Proper child upbringing is very important. Good parenting will produce successful people in society.

What type of parent are you? How are you bringing up your kid or kids? Are you getting them ready for outstanding success? What you want your children to become, you must start preparing them for it in their childhood.


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