A story created a bird

Hello my inspirer!
Do you know what you created?
You did something amazing;
That explains why,
Wherever you are,
I send you my thanks;
Thank you from my heart;
Thank you for your energizing story!
What you shared on the web;
It so inspired me,
It gave me wings
To soar in the sky;
No.doubt.it went.viral;
And is rocking the world;
Storming hearts and minds;
Shaking and transforming lives;
Nothing can stop me
From flying,
Since you have made me
A kite;
I will use the wings
You have given to me
Through your story
To fly;
And the sky will serve
As my springboard.
Thank you;
And thank you
A million times.
Let it be known
Your story turned me
Into a bird;
Your inspiring story
Created a bird;


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