Today’s morning prayer 35

O Lord, our God,
As I start a new day,
I thank you for such
A wonderful blessing;
I pray you to look into
The difficulties
I am facing
At this moment;
And that I will face
Throughout this day;
I put all my plans
In your hands;
Lead me to the right decisions;
Take me down
The right path;
Equip me with the wisdom
I need to deliver
Excellent goods
In your vineyard
As it is your wish
That I do;
I said ‘Yes!’ to you
On my baptism day;
I remain committed
To that pledge;
Tell me where to go
To do your will,
And I will;
I am ready at all times,
To do as you please;
Dear loving father,
I thank you!
You are so kind to me;
Always so good;
May you be ever so,

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