Can your life change in an instant?

Your life can change in an instant.

One day you can be down, and the next day, you are at the summit. It is possible; and has happened to many people.

You could be the next person.

But how does it happen? Who makes it happen?

I know many people who, reading this, will be asking these questions and more. Who would not want to be rich in one day? Everybody would love to know the secret; and apply it to get skyrocketed to success.

You can be rich in an instant if God decides that it should happen to you. God alone can do it. You cannot do it for yourself. It only happens when God decides it should happen.

The good thing is you can make God take that decision in your favour.

How can you do that? By getting into an excellent relationship with Him.

Of course, you know how to build a great relationship with God. It is through prayer.

Pray without ceasing. That will get you into his heart and once you are there anything you ask, will be given you.

One thought on “Can your life change in an instant?

  1. Of course it can, especially these days.

    Ugly people can be made to look good, dirty clothes can be transformed into clean clothes, poor people can be transformed into wealth, a nobody can be turned into somebody, addicts can be moved to positive environments etc etc etc…

    It’s all the simple matter of metaphorically replanting trees, well and in actuality is good to.

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