Always remember

You may forget as many things
As you like,
But never forget
What I am telling you now;
It is of capital importance;
It can enable you make or mar;
Of course, I don’t want you
To mar,
I want you to make;
And make with a difference;
So, listen to me;
And listen well;
And never forget it;
Always remember:
And this is what I mean;
In life, sometimes, you win,
And sometimes you lose;
Some days are good,
Some days are bad;
Some days, you’ll be happy;
Some days, you’ll be sad.
But whatever the case,
Stay strong;
And let life continue;
God’s time is the best;
It is God who gives
And God who takes.
No matter what happens,
Give him thanks;
Praise his mighty name.
Give glory to him;
All that happens is for good;
If not seen or known now,
Later it will be.


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