Why I like Monday

I want to tell you why
I like Monday;
M reminds me of mercy;
Which challenges me
To show mercy to others;
If I don’t show mercy,
I will not receive mercy;
The mercy I show to others,
Comes back to bless me;
O reminds me of obedience;
And invites me to obey
The word of God;
Obedience to the word of God
Is the best prayer;
N reminds me
Of a name;
Jesus, the miracle name
Unlike other names;
It is called billions of times
Every day;
It heals;
It protects;
It saves;
It frees;
It works miracles;
D reminds me of dedication;
I am challenged to be dedicated to whatever
I am called to do;
A reminds me of answer;
The Lord calls me daily;
I am expected to answer.
Like Mary;
Like Joseph;
Y reminds me of yes, my answer,
A vehement yes.
That is the Monday I like.


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