Positivity in Negativity

Positivity in Negativity

I’m a firm believer in anxiety and the power of negative thinking     Gertrude Berg

Positive thinkers

Be happy,be positive,be successful etc are very popular statements, we come across these days.

This philosophy says, you wish any thing and be positive and you are sure to get it.

So simple ! Abracadabra !

Oh My God,if only life were that simple ! Positive thinking pattern does not work just like that.

The problem with us is that you have hundreds of options making you uncertain of your choice resulting in wishing for good ones thus going in for positive thinking.

Positive thinking is nothing but a kind of ‘being hopeful’ that can be ‘deceitful’.

Nothing more deceitful than ‘Don’t worry be happy’ attitude.

In positive thinking there is no fear factor,because your wishes are on a platter !

If you go on relying on these so called positive vibrations,there are chances that you may relax a bit become overconfident and lenient resulting in failures and disappointments.Do you wish this to happen ?

This is where negative thinking comes to the rescue.How is that ?

The psychology applied here is very simple.

“When I expect the worst,then I won’t be disappointed when things go wrong”

Respect your negative thoughts by not getting demotivated and try to broaden your horizons.Negative thoughts are natural.Welcome it.

  1. Negative thinking makes you understand the problems thoroughly and keeps you well prepared to face the eventuality and you are sure to come out successfully.
  2. Negative thinking makes you a stronger person mentally.( you become a realistic )
  3. Negative thinkers have greatest advantage in winning the situation because if plan A fails…you already have plan B in motion.
  4. Negative thinkers foresee the problems,willing to learn and easily convert failure into success.
  5. You develop confidence and survival instinct.

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“Being able to tolerate negative feelings can be crucial to a wide variety of life situations: delaying gratification, learning from bad experiences, truly hearing what other people have to say, and assessing our own circumstances.”
Julie K. Norem

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4 thoughts on “Positivity in Negativity

  1. I appreciate your take on not getting demotivated by negative thoughts. But if you look at your blog post, you will notice that you have looked at negativity and negative thought patterns in a very positive way. That is where positive thinking comes into play. It’s our ability to see every negative thought and situation in a positive way. Being positive helps us not to give up when any negative situation comes up. Thank you for sharing a wonderful perspective.

  2. To me the power of negative thinking is in its ability to process stuff that we carry around whether we are conscious of it or not. The power of positive thinking is the same — if our positive thinking is not a confrontational force that engages with the negativity we inevitably experience, then it is nothing more than an avoidance mechanism. We all need to think more positive thoughts, but we can’t achieve that outcome without rewriting the negative thought patterns wired into our mind. Here I think it is important to clarify terms because there is also a “negative thinking” that reinforces rather than rewrites and a “positive thinking” that is wholesome and constructive. Emotional repression is the enemy — that, for me, is the main takeaway. We must live true to ourselves

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