Better late than Never

Don’t give up because you are late. Still try to make it. Always remember the saying that its better late than never.


2 thoughts on “Better late than Never

  1. It is amazing how many people think the stated time to begin something is just a suggestion, and there is no reason for them to try to be “on time”. Certainly there are many reasons to be late which are totally outside our control. But usually, those who are trying to be on time will place a phone call advising of the reason for their delay. Unfortunately, there are some people who are habitually late for everything and that results in others wasting their time simply so that they don’t have to repeat everything once the late-comers arrive. Overall, I believe that such an attitude reflects a sense of selfishness, or perhaps arrogance, on the part of the later-comers.

  2. This is good. I have been raised to be on time, and in fact a few minutes early. Some days it is harder to be on time. Traffic is thicker on those days, and so are the things you must do before leaving the house. Really, our minds keep us from getting out the door early enough to be on time, or early. I have noted that I need to allow myself a half hour to get there. This way, I make it on time.

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