Dementia grips monster

We have the State
Of the Union today;
If you build a monster,
Have no qualms,
It can devour you;
Especially if dementia
Grips it;
That makes it dangerous;
Stop it before
It’s too late;
Look exactly what I see
Staring at me;
A demented monster?
Who brought him here?
Let someone tell me;
Who built him?
I see something scary;
Everybody being trumped;
Underhand ways
Trumping morality;
Vaulting ambition
Trumping loyalty to
The core values
Of a democratic society,
It’s scary
You build a monster
And blindly follow him;
Hypnotic powers at work
Or something?
That keeps me awake
With thinking time.
How high will
Your temperature rise
If a loaded weapon
Of Emergency Powers
Goes into wedlock with dementia?
I see the head of the world
pushed into the mouth
Of a furnace
With burning coal;
Or do you see a human being
In a lion’s den?
I see a monster that changes colour like a chameleon!
All my red lights are on.
I can’t sleep;
Who says the impossible
Cannot be possible;
See real emergence
Into a high dimension
No one thought possible;
A democracy emerges into
A democratic kingdom;
Call it democratic dictatorship;
See Congress trumped;
Supreme Court trumped;
The Commander-in-Chief
Of the military trumps it all.
That is the State of the Union.

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