Update on my money saving journey! 2020

Update on my money saving journey! 2020

Hi everyone I hope you are all well wherever you are in the world..

So for a few months now I haven’t spoken about my money saving journey so I am going to..

The reason I always feel inspired by saving for my future is because I have seen first hand what life can be if you have significant debt and the worries and stress that brings. I for one growing up want to show my future children and self that being sensible with money does bring more rewards than sacrifices! Soon this year I am going to start my driving lessons, when the weather gets better and the spring & summer months start coming back in. ALSO this year I am going to be going back into caring on the afternoons.

I am hoping that it will be a better experience this time & I am sure it will as I feel so much more confident in every way. But regards to saving I have decided that I am going to save £150 a month into my savings each and every month with out fail. BECAUSE being on a bank contract I do get a varied income but that doesn’t mean that I can’t.



Lauren Rogers


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